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StartupDating is a dating site for startup founders.

As well as matching physical attributes, StartupDating allows you to find your perfect match by determining the usefulness and value they can bring to your career as an entrepreneur! In finding a perfect match, the site will take into account what skills they have, how much money they've raised before, how much local knowledge they have in a particular country, how many twitter followers they have and which well-known VCs they have a personal connection with.

Gone are the days in which personality, hobbies and physical attributes are online dating's limiting factors.

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OUR SUCCESS Story: Sam and Rachel!

Sam is the founder of RentAnOstrich.com, a site offering exotic pets rentals for special occasions. He has bootstrapped his company in Ireland, has 3850 followers on twitter, and is looking to expand his successful model into the United States. Rachel is a single American with an event planning business in Montana, looking to diversify from retirement parties to farming and exotic animal conventions. She loves Guinness, leprechauns, and ostrich rides on the beach. Traditional sites may never have spotted the opportunity here, but thanks to StartupDating’s clever algoriths, Rachel can help Sam tap the American events market while Sam can help Rachel understand the farming and pet industry.

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